About the tour Take our one day tour to national park plitvice lakes, unesco world natural heritage since 1979. Proclaimed national park in 1949. Oldest most visited national park in croatia. Situated in the mountain area and surrounded by forests, small streans and rivers. Plitvice is formed of a series…
Travel to the glacier lakes at Bonjih and Bled, visit the monastery in the center of the lake and stop at Postojna pit and take a trip under ground.
Visit the castles Trakošćan, Varaždin, Krapina-cave man, Bežanec, Miljana, Veliki Tabor, stop at Grešne Gorice local restaurant with local food and vine. Finish at a small town of Samobor and taste great cakes and coffee.
Travel to small towns with rich history and architecture dating from the roman empire.Taste the local cuisine(pršuto,olives,cheese,vine) truffles and fresh fish and clams.See the smallest city in the world HUM, see a great view at Limski kanal while trying local fish specialties.