DRIVE LINE LEASING is intended for individuals and companies who are looking for flexibility and savings in the use of their funds and corporate capacities.

At DRIVE LINE lease is long term rental of vehicles which allows minimum and fixed monthly costs, with a number of benefits which are included in the price.
The monthly rent is calculated without financial payments of the customer and on the following basis:

  • Agreed kilometer mileage
  • Duration of the lease
  • Reliable estimation of vehicle residual value

The optimal duration is 1 year, after emersion the vehicle for a newer, more modern, return or can possibly buy the car.
A whole range of services which are included in the monthly rent allows our solutions to with your needs and requirements what gives you the complete freedom of use of the vehicle, presents significant time and cost savings and makes you less exposed to stress.

What vehicles do we offer?

DRIVE LINE LEASING has a number of new and used vehicles selected which are intended for Easy leasing. Our vehicles provides the ability to choose a car that will best meet your needs and desires.

Our criteria for selecting the vehicles are:

  • Functionality
  • Economy
  • Security
  • Individualsatisfaction

The brands that are most frequently used: