Terms and Conditions for renting vehicles

Drivers age 21. Driver must be licensed 2 years. Minimum rental charge is 1 day.

Additional charge for delay shall be:
* 0 - 59 min = free of charge
* 181 min and more = extra day / additional day
Fuel is not included in the price and renter is obligated to return full tank of fuel,
otherwise will be charged for the balance and refueling service as stated in the contract.
Car types are available according to price list.
Car Rental reserves the right to deliver another vehicle model in some exceptional and reasonable cases.

Cash payment requires deposit (estimated rental charge enlarged for the amount of franchise),
except for holders of authorized credit card: ( AMEX, DINERS, MASTERCARD, EUROCARD, VISA).

All the vehicles are insured for the damage caused to the third party.
Daily addition for vehicle kasko insurance (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Protection)
are compulsory and included in the rate, while the PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)
is not compulsory, as well as the deduction waiver. By accepting the CDW and TP overleaf, the renter reduces his liability for damage / loss of the vehicle for the difference between deduction waiver and actual damage amount. Paying the daily addition for deduction waiver according to the applicable tariff, may buy out the full deduction amount. CDW and TP do not cover the
liabilities of Renter for damages or losses in the risk territories / or war zones. 
Any damage have to be reported to the POLICE authorities immediately, otherwise the insurance, even if paid, is not valid, and the renter will be charged for the full amount. By participating in PAI, renter and all other persons in the vehicle are insured in the case of death or disability up to the amount according to the low applicable in such cases. In case of an accident or malfunction of the vehicle we will exchange the damaged vehicle with a according replacement vehicle.

Delivery and collection:

  • The delivery includes unlimited mileage , but doesn't include the fuel and the delivery service of the vehicle
  • The delivery service is charged for reservations under 5 days, all reservations over 5 days include free delivery
  • Also available is delivery to a specific home address free of charge